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Why a Home Seller Should Have a Pre-Inspection Performed

  • Eliminate surprises found by the buyer's inspector
  • Having the home you are selling inspected is a great marketing tool, gives you the edge over other houses on the market
  • Sell your home faster at the highest possible price
  • Pre-Sale inspections allow for full disclosure
  • See home inspection page for what is inspected
  • Gives the owner the opportunity to make repairs to the home in advance to support your asking price
  • Call Prism for a re-inspection after repairs are made for a fresh inspection report that you can link to your listing

View sample home inspection report, click link

Why a Listing Agent Should Have Their Listings Pre-Inspected

  • Other agents with buyers would then know listings are not going to have surprises typically associated with a home inspection
  • Helps the owner realize that repairs need to be made or the price needs to be lowered
  • As an agent, I am going to limit my time with this listing if the inspection reveals problems and the seller doesn't want to address them or lower the price
  • Home inspection report can be linked to the home's web listing
  • Contact Prism for a walk through inspection with the new buyer, the visual inspection agreement will then be transferred from the home seller to the buyer and Prism
  • Please call or use the contact page for more information or to schedule an appointment